Exceptional Service at Every Level


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At Hodis Learning & Music, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service for every skill level. Sure, any company can say they do these things, but we actually do, and we’ll explain how.

Our Expert Tutors and Teachers

We use a rigorous and methodical hiring process to ensure we have the most talented, experienced staff. We make sure that educators are proficient in the areas they are tutoring in and have several years of tutoring experience at the age-level they will be working with. 

The same goes for our art and music educators. All music and art educators have completed formal education in their area of expertise, so you know you’re not only getting an instructor who is passionate about their instrument or medium, but also someone who was trained at the highest level. 

Holistic Values

While we absolutely value improvement and high achievement at Hodis Learning & Music, we also value kindness and use it to guide everything we do. We use positive motivation, empathy, and engaging teaching methods to ensure students feel supported and excited to learn. When students feel safe and supported, improvement and excellence follow.

Every Skill Level

Whether you are a beginner who has never touched a guitar in your life or a drummer with 17 years of experience under your belt, we are able to help you achieve your goals and excel at the next level. This is true for every art medium and academic subject we teach. Academic tutoring can start as young as kindergarten and go up to college. Art and music instruction is for everyone from school-aged children learning an instrument or art medium for the first time, to adults picking up a hobby, to high school students looking to apply to art or music colleges.

Learn more by visiting our website at hodislearning.com or call us at (626) 227-1149 to start working with us today!