Educator Spotlight: Staci W.


New post! Read this educator spotlight on Staci W., an English, ESL, History, Korean, and elementary and middle school tutor.


What subjects do you teach?

  • Academic Tutoring: English up to college level, ESL, History, AP History, Korean, Math and Science up to Middle School level

What’s the most rewarding part of being an educator?

I love helping students gain confidence in subjects they used to struggle with. It’s very rewarding when a student starts understanding a difficult concept and realizes their capability. A lot of my students struggle in the same areas I used to when I was in school and I enjoy teaching them healthier study habits that helped me over the years.

What are the most common areas you see your students struggling in? How do you help them in those areas?

Most of my students struggle with a lack of confidence in their ability to do well. If a subject has proven difficult in the past, they may have developed negative self-talk that keeps them from doing their best. I do my best to show them the tools they need to accomplish their goals and to encourage them. I aim to make my lessons fun so that learning doesn’t feel like a chore and to give them a positive environment to make mistakes and learn. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of teaching students?

I enjoy making music as a singer/songwriter, going to cute coffee and boba shops, and catching up on TV in my spare time.

What do you think makes Hodis Learning & Music a great service and company to work for?

Everyone who works here not only wants to help students succeed but genuinely wants to make learning fun and enjoyable for their students. Learning shouldn’t have to be dull and I appreciate Hodis Learning & Music’s mission.


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