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Who We Hire

Hodis Learning & Music works with the best educators in the area. We don’t just hire tutors and teachers who are experts in their fields of study. We look for well-rounded educators who are kind, patient, and passionate about helping students succeed.
If you are interested in learning more, then read our FAQs below. You may find our open job listings below the FAQs.

student in a tutoring session with his expert tutor.


How are you different from other tutoring companies?

Most tutoring companies are solely driven by profits. The managers of these companies pressure their staff to jump through hoops to keep the parents happy in order to retain students and profits. Little attention is given to the students’ development and success. Additionally, most tutoring companies pay their educators poorly to keep their profits high. In doing so, educators typically do not stay for long, which is detrimental to students who are forced to rebuild a connection with another educator. Ultimately, these companies’ retain high profits while students and educators suffer.
Hodis Learning & Music is not your typical tutoring company; we are committed to making a difference. We hire the best educators and offer services at some of the lowest rates around so that every student has access to high-quality tutoring.
We believe in quality educational services to help our students in need. As such, we offer tailored one-on-one sessions. We are focused on our students’ success and do everything we can to support them alongside their assigned educator. 
Moreover, we offer our educators some of the highest pay in the tutoring industry and treat our team with dignity and respect. 75% of our educators choose to renew their contracts. The other 25% have moved on to pursue graduate school or different career paths, or they have moved away from our service area.
Finally, we donate 20% of our net profits to local educational foundations to give back to the educational systems that our students go through.


Where are sessions conducted? Will I have to commute?

95% of sessions are conducted in-person in student’s homes or in public spaces. The other 5% are conducted via Zoom.

Educators will have to commute to their students’ respective locations. The majority of our educators’ students are located within 15 minutes from one another.

Because most of our clientele are located in the greater Pasadena area, our educators must be located nearby, as well. Therefore, we do not hire tutors or teachers who can only work virtually.


What is your COVID-19 policy?

All Hodis Learning & Music educators must be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines. Those who have medical contraindications to the COVID-19 vaccination must wear a mask at all times and submit to regular testing.

Vaccinated educators must wear masks around families who wish to conduct masked sessions. However, these educators may remove masks with the parents’ and students’ consent.

Our educators reserve the right to wear masks at all times. Further, we stand behind our educators who wish to protect themselves and others.

Open Positions

We only accept applications on Indeed. Please do not reach out via email or phone. If you don’t see an open position that you are qualified here, please do not reach out via email or phone as we do not keep applications on file. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for open positions.


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