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You may meet with your educator anywhere in the world via Zoom. Or, if you live in our service area, then you may meet with your educator in the comfort of your own home or at the local library.

We pride ourselves on offering fair, competitive rates. Check out our detailed pricing here. Our rates apply to all tutoring, music lessons, and art instruction sessions.

While we primarily conduct individualized tutoring sessions, we also offer special group rates. Call us at 626-227-1149 to learn more and to get your quote today!

Each student is an individual with unique needs and abilities. As such, we provide highly personalized educational services to meet the student where they are. Our tutors and educators are experts who studied at the university level and have been tutoring and teaching their respective subject for years. Further, we provide our services at fair and competitive rates.

From the very first time we speak with you, we aim to thoroughly understand your student’s needs. We will ask you many questions to get a detailed overview of your student’s needs, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. After reviewing your student’s profile, we carefully match your student to an expert educator who has years of relevant experience.

The short answer is: it depends. The long answer is: research shows that in-person sessions are more effective. However, now that online tools have been refined for virtual learning, Zoom sessions can be quite beneficial for many students. Another factor to consider is the subject: working on history study skills may be easier to learn via Zoom than, say, learning how to sculpt.

With our expert tutoring and education services, your student will gain a deeper understanding of their subject and improve their test scores and grades. Further, your student will develop life-long skills and confidence that will continue serve them in their future learning.

We hire only the best educators in the field. Our tutors have studied and taught their subjects for years, if not decades. Our music and art teachers have perfected their crafts over the course of their lives and have taught for many years. All of our tutors and teachers are thoroughly vetted to ensure top-quality service.

Yes, we ask that students give their tutor at least a 24-hour notice for cancellations.

You may contact us via phone (626-227-1149) or submit a form on our contact page.