Customized Homeschool Education

At Hodis Learning & Music, we understand that every student is unique and deserves a personalized education tailored to their individual needs and learning style. Our expert, 1-on-1 and small group homeschool services provide a flexible and comprehensive solution for families seeking a high-quality, customized educational experience.

With a focus on individualized attention and a holistic curriculum, we prioritize both academic excellence and personal growth. Our experienced instructors foster a love for learning, regularly monitor progress, and provide a positive, engaging environment. Sign up for a nurturing, tailored, and comprehensive educational experience that empowers your child to reach their full potential in the comfort of your home.


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K-12 Services

We serve students at any point in their K-12 journey!


Students of All Backgrounds

Our expert homeschool teachers have years of experience working with students with and without neurodiverse abilities.


Individualized Attention

Meet with your teacher in 1-on-1 or small group classes to get the full attention you need to succeed.

Even outside the classroom, your students’ teachers meet regularly to discuss progress and areas needing intervention to optimize your students’ academic performance.

Students also receive personalized assistance with course planning and navigating school life with an appointed academic advisor.


Customized Schedule

Choose a schedule that works best for you and your student!


In-Home, Zoom, Hybrid

We provide in-home services in South Pasadena, Pasadena, San Marino, San Gabriel, and Alhambra. Students may join homeschool classes via Zoom from wherever they are. Hybrid classes are offered, as well.


Options for Term Durations

Students may enroll in 60 minute classes for 50, 70, or 90 days per term. That’s 100, 140, or 180 classes per year.

If your student prefers to have class 5 days a week, then that comes out to 10, 14, or 18-week semesters!


Individualized Course Plans

Choose which and how many classes to take. Go part-time (1-3 classes) or full-time (4+ classes)


Our homeschool students:

  • Master subject material
  • Develop study and organizational skills
  • Feel more confident in their academic abilities
  • Are prepared for the next phase of their educational journey

Who Should Attend

Our homeschool program is designed for students with varying backgrounds:

  • Neurotypical and neurodiverse students, including twice-exceptional students
  • Students struggling in traditional school programs
  • Students hoping to get more out of school than traditional school programs offer
  • Musically or artistically-focused students
  • Students who want a completely customized school schedule
  • Students hoping to regain confidence and build academic skills to prepare for reentrance into traditional school programs

Homeschool Highlights

Hodis Learning & Music’s homeschool program is for those who want to maximize their education with personalized instruction in the comfort of their home.

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