Tutoring Explained in Fewer Than 140 Characters


Tutoring Explained in 140 Fewer than 140 Characters. Photo contains images of books as well as the text, "Hodis Learning & Music".


In an age where ideas and concepts are reduced to soundbites and 10 second video clips, we thought we’d challenge ourselves to explain our craft in 140 characters or less. This is what we came up with:

Tutoring is focused, individualized academic instruction that helps students become independent learners.


Tutoring is like a cast for a broken arm. When you break your arm, you get a cast to help the bone heal. Once the bone is healed enough, the cast is removed and you are free to use your arm as you did before. Tutoring acts as a cast for students who are struggling in their academics by providing them with a deeper understanding of the material as well as study and organizational skills.

As the student becomes more confident with their academic abilities, a tutor is no longer needed on a regular basis. Just as a person with a recovered broken arm will still need to see the doctor for follow up appointments, sometimes a student who graduated from regular tutoring will need a couple “tune-up” sessions before soaring completely on their own.

At Hodis Learning & Music, our expert tutors are dedicated to helping students become independent learners through private, tailored sessions. Contact us here to book a session with one of our tutors!