How to Handle Your Start of School Feelings

What're your start of school feelings? Photo shows four children, each showing a different emotion: fear, anxiety or stress, happiness and excitement, and anger.

The start of a new school year can bring on a lot of emotions. Whatever your feelings are about starting school again, we have some helpful tips to manage your feelings and use them to start this school year on the right track.


Nervous about meeting new people? Starting at a new school? Making friends? These are totally normal things to feel nervous about, but you don’t want to let your fear keep you from all the fun things that can happen at school. 

  • TIPS: Talk to someone you trust. Remember a lot of people feel scared about starting something new– you’re not alone. Say something nice to one new person every day. Explore a new club or activity. Get familiar with the campus. Try eating lunch in a different spot each week.

Anxious or Stressed:

Do you get stressed just thinking about all the work you have to do this year? 

  • TIPS: Look at your schedule and write down all the important dates for each class. Use daily lists to focus on what you have to do each day. Practice taking 3 deep breaths whenever you start to feel anxious or stressed. Consider starting a meditation or mindfulness practice, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes every day. Check out more of our tips for starting a productive and stress-free school year.

Happy or Excited:

Feeling excited about starting a new school year is great! It’s an exciting time, so keep your enthusiasm up in all school-related activities. 

  • TIPS: Approach new situations with positivity and enthusiasm. Try meeting new people. Reach out to classmates who might seem scared or anxious. Participate in your classes. Introduce yourself to your teachers.

Angry or Upset:

Are you angry about having to wake up early again for school or having less free time? This feeling is understandable, but don’t let it affect your whole year. 

  • TIPS: Talk to someone about how you feel. When something makes you angry, try to find one positive thing about it- for example, if homework makes you angry, think about how you might learn something new from it. It might seem silly to do this, but it will help you start to see the positive side of situations. You can’t control a lot in life, but you can control how you think about and react to things.


how to handle your start of school feelings. Consider hiring a tutor.


Consider Hiring an Expert Tutor

Tutors at Hodis Learning & Music have years of experience helping students experiencing the full range of emotions about the start of school. Whether your student is in Kindergarten or in college, we have the right tutors for you! Call or email us today to learn more and get started.