5 Tips for Starting a Productive and Stress-Free School Year

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Can you believe that school is starting already? After a summer of no classes it can be difficult to readjust to the schedule and demands of school. Here are 5 tips to get back into the swing of things a little more swiftly and cultivate a productive, stress-free school year.

1. Reset your sleep schedule.

Many students experience fatigue when returning to school because they’re not used to waking up so early for class. To nip this fatigue in the bud, allow your body to readjust its circadian rhythm by beginning to wake up at the time you will for classes at least a few days before they start.

2. Make a study plan.

I get it, making a study plan is the last thing you want to do while you’re technically still on summer break. But this practice is invaluable as it will prepare you for a less stressful and more productive school year. Look through your syllabi, take note of large exam dates, and schedule blocks of time each week to study and complete homework for each class. Don’t forget to schedule extra study sessions before your big exams, too. Use the roadmap from our Building Strong Study Skills Series to employ the most effective study strategies.

3. Budget time for hanging out.

Yes, you’re in school to receive an education that will prepare you for your career and any future education you may pursue. But school is also full of people and experiences that will stick with you for life. Spending time with good friends is a great way to feel connected, accepted, and happy. So when you’re thinking about your schedule, be sure to budget time for hanging out with friends. If you’re intentional in structuring your schedule, you can give yourself room to excel as a student and a friend.

4. Understand your resources.

Your school likely offers more resources than you are aware of. Give yourself some time to familiarize yourself with resources like college preparation resources, community service recommendations for high school service requirements, and guidance and counseling services. If you’re a college student, look into professors’ office hours, student health services, and organized study groups. And remember, expert private tutors at Hodis Learning & Music are available to serve K-12 and College students. Knowing your options ahead of time will help when you need to use them.

5. Try something new.

If your motivation is struggling from the grind of classes, sometimes changing it up can help. Join a new club or organization on campus or pursue a new hobby. There are so many areas to explore: sports, theater, musicart, etc. Trying something new can help you feel excited again.

Good luck with your start to the new school year! May it be a time of growth and learning.


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