Preparing for Music School: Advice From Experts (Part 2)

Preparing for music school: advice from experts. Gain insights on applications and auditions. This part of our series gains insights from guitar teacher, Bruno B.

Hodis Learning & Music guitar instructor, Bruno, shares insights on the music school application and audition process. Bruno earned his B.M. from the Berklee College of Music in songwriting.

What goes into preparing for music school admissions?

The same that goes into becoming a professional musician. Making music an integral part of who you are. It has to be one of the most important aspects of your life, otherwise you’re probably not going to put in the amount of work that it takes not only to get into music school, but to make a living out of music.

It’s also important to become a well rounded and versatile musician. Being really good at your primary instrument isn’t enough. For example, students should also work on other areas of music such as aural skills, music theory, music production, and songwriting.

How can you specifically help students prepare for music school auditions? Can you help with the application itself?

I’m a graduate from Berklee College of Music. I can help not only with the preparation and application processes, but I also have many thoughts about good habits that will make your music school experience more rewarding, pitfalls to avoid, what to expect after you graduate, etc.

What advice would you give those applying to music school?

Understanding the school you are applying to is vital.

You want to research all of the facets of the school’s culture and educational environment such as who teaches there, what kind of musician usually goes there, and what their values are. The people, not the institution, will make or break your experience. Different colleges have different music scenes, and tend to favor certain styles, genres and even personalities.

Make sure the school you pick isn’t just great on paper, but is the best fit for you.

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