Workshop Overview

Auditions are the most important part of the music school application process. Many schools require two rounds of auditions: the first round is typically a prescreen that admissions reviews before calling back applicants for a second live audition. Only the best students will be called back and only the best of those who audition live will be selected for admission. The music school admission process is rigorous and acceptance demands concentrated training and preparation.
With most top music schools accepting 7-34% of applicants, it is important to be as prepared as possible. Refined instrument, solo and group performance, and ear-training skills as well as advanced knowledge of music theory are only a handful of broad domains that admissions committees consider. On top of demonstrating a high level of music mastery, students will also be expected to submit a seamless application including a resume, repertoire list, and personal statement.
Hodis Learning & Music’s Music School Preparation and Audition Training Workshop will train students to become audition-ready and guide students through every step of the audition and application process in private lessons. Our music teachers are professional performers, songwriters, producers, and teachers who are familiar with the application process for music schools. By the end of the program, students will have ready-to-submit prescreened auditions and applications, as well as the skills and confidence to pass their live auditions.


Guitar student preparing for music school applications.

Upright bass student performing after his music lessons.

Trumpet student preparing for music school admissions.

Bass student preparing for music school auditions.


  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Trumpet
  • Drums
  • Live Electronic Performance and DJing



  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Rock
  • Pop

Private Instruction

Students receive individualized attention from an expert music teacher to develop their overall music and audition skills.




  • South Pasadena
  • Pasadena
  • San Marino
  • Alhambra

Zoom Sessions: Anywhere!


$2400 for 40 hours of instruction ($60 per hour)



  • 20 Weeks of private lessons*
  • 2 hours one-on-one per week



*The listed duration and frequency of sessions is a suggestion and can be adjusted to fit your student’s needs. You are not locked into a set number of sessions. The first session is billed separately and subsequent sessions are billed on a monthly basis

Music School Prep Program Highlights

Hodis Learning & Music’s Music School Preparation and Audition Training Workshop is for those who wish to gain admission to music school. The workshop focuses on the student’s needs and tackles each area one step at a time.

Begin your music school preparation and audition training workshop journey here.



Customize your workshop. You and your music teacher will assess your needs to tailor the musis chool and audition training workshop. Meet where it is convenient for you. Choose to meet 2-3 hours a week for your music school preparation and audition training workshop.

Music School Prep Teachers

Upright bass and bass guitar teacher, Tim F.

Tim F.



  • Oberlin Conservatory of Music, B.A. in Jazz Bass Studies
  • University of Southern California, M.A. in Jazz Bass Studies.

Tim has toured all over the country and performs regularly at Capitol Studios, the bluewhale, and the Rhythm Room. Has performed with Peter Erskine, Eddie Henderson, and Sara Gazarek among others.

Preparing for Music School: Tim’s Advice

Guitar teacher, Bruno B.

Bruno B.

Guitar & DJing/ Electronic Performance

Education: Berklee College of Music, B.M. in Songwriting.

Enjoys exploring the outer edges of music theory and studying obscure musical concepts, as well as coming up with theories for how different styles of music might work. Often involved in multiple steps of the music creation process, Bruno splits his time between the stage, the studio and the classroom.

Preparing for Music School: Bruno’s Advice

Trumpet teacher, Alex P.

Alex P.


Education: Oberlin Conservatory of Music, B.A. in Trumpet Performance.

Passionate about performing, composing, arranging, and teaching music. Has been teaching brass instruments for over 6 years.

Preparing for Music School: Alex’s Advice


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