Why You Should Take Music Lessons

Why you should take music lessons. Photo of student playing piano.

Music is an integral part of our business practice at HLM– after all, we are Hodis Learning & Music. If you think music lessons seem out of reach or unrelated to you, you might want to reconsider. Music lessons aren’t just for kids, they aren’t just for people who are already musically talented, and learning to play an instrument can provide lots of benefits that you might not think of. Read on to discover why you should take music lessons!

Music Lessons Offer Valuable Time Away from Your Screens

We all know that with virtual classes and work, we’re spending more time than ever looking at a computer, tablet or phone screen. It doesn’t help that our leisure time is often spent staring at those same screens to binge episodes of a show or scroll through social media. Learning a musical instrument gives our eyes and head a break from the screen staring.

They Challenge You to Learn in a New Way

Along those same lines, we spend so much of our time learning and gaining information passively through listening, watching, reading (often through a screen). Learning kinesthetically through touching, moving, strumming challenges our brain for the better.

They Can Be a Source of Confidence

Learning how to play an instrument or improving your skills on an instrument can be a tremendous source of confidence. Think about it: you’re committing to regularly practicing, challenging yourself, paying with your money and your time, to learn a new skill. When you look at where you are after a month, three months, or a year of practicing, you’ll be at a completely different level than when you started, which is an exciting and satisfying feeling! That feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment can carry into other areas of your life and help you feel more confident all around.

Music Can Be a Way to Connect Socially:

Even if it’s just through the one-on-one interaction you have with your music educator, music lessons can lead to great social opportunities. You might find yourself interested in discovering new genres, which might lead to new friends or attending new concerts. Maybe you join a music group or you just find friends who you can jam with at home. Music is sure to bring people together in a fun way!

Whatever your reason is for considering music lessons, we want you to have the best education possible. That’s why we have expert music teachers on staff who can teach students of all ages and skill levels! Seriously, check out our awesome guitar, bass, drum, and voice instructors and you’ll see the talent on our staff! And sign up for your first music lesson at Hodis Learning & Music here!