When Should You Hire a Tutor?


Hiring a tutor


With the end of the semester approaching, it seems like the perfect time to get a tutor to help your student study for finals or nail down those challenging concepts. But this isn’t the only time you should consider hiring a tutor. Below are some other times you might want someone to help your student with school work.

At the Beginning of a New Semester

Start off a new term on the right foot by scheduling a tutor right away! This will be particularly important if your student struggled the previous semester or school year and you don’t want them to fall behind. Because teachers will introduce new concepts that build upon previous lessons, a tutor can help reinforce those old concepts and integrate how those relate to what your student is learning in class in real-time.

After a Big Exam

Okay, you’ve had the first big test of the semester and your student gets their grade back. If it’s not what you or your student were expecting, or if your student knows there were concepts they didn’t understand on the test, this is the perfect time to hire a tutor! Discuss with the teacher, or have your student meet with their teacher, to learn which questions they missed. With that information, the tutor can hone in on exactly what areas and concepts to go over with your student. A tutor can also offer test-taking tips, so your student can manage their time effectively and strategically approach exams.

If Your Student Lacks Confidence in a Subject

Is your student scared to read out loud during class? Do they drag their feet doing math homework? Maybe they never participate in Spanish class discussions. These could be signs that they lack confidence in a certain subject, even if they are smart and capable. A tutor can help your student gain confidence by ensuring they understand the basics of a subject. “Usually that’s where I see students struggling with confidence, because they don’t know the basic concepts and they’re afraid to ask for help or feel like it’s too late to learn,” shares Hodis Learning & Music President Drew Hodis. A tutor can break down difficult lessons, explain concepts in new ways, and slow down students so they understand the work they’re doing.

Before an Essay is Due

A tutor can help your student with essay writing at whatever stage they may be at. From brainstorming topics and forming a strong thesis statement, to integrating supporting evidence and constructing paragraphs, a tutor can take your student’s writing to the next level, help them ace their essay and improve their writing skills.

Hiring a tutor under any circumstance can be an important and necessary step to ensure your student feels confident in class and understands concepts. School and learning can feel overwhelming, but having the right tutor can make even the most intimidating or confusing subject material more approachable.

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