When to Hire a Tutor


When to Hire a Tutor


Many people think the only time to hire a tutor is before finals or when you’re doing poorly in a class. However, we’ve put together a list of other times it would be helpful to work with a tutor. Learn more about when to hire a tutor below.

At the Beginning of a New Semester

Hiring a tutor at the beginning of the semester is important if you struggled the previous semester or school year. If you don’t have a strong foundational understanding of old concepts, you will struggle as the semester goes on. A tutor will help you learn or remember past lessons and integrate how those relate to what you’re learning in class in real time.

After a Big Exam

If you get your grade back from a big test and the result isn’t what you were expecting, this is an ideal time to hire a tutor. Meet with your teacher to go over the exam and find out what you missed. With that information, your tutor can hone in on exactly what areas to go over with you. A tutor can also offer test-taking tips, so you can better prepare for the next test (and avoid bad study habits).

If You Lack Confidence in a Subject

Are you nervous to read out loud during class? Do you drag your feet doing math homework? Maybe you never participate in Spanish class discussions. These could be signs that you lack confidence in a certain subject, even if you are a smart and capable student. A tutor can break down difficult lessons, go over vocabulary, and slow down lessons so you understand the work you’re doing.

Before a Standardized Test

Standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT are not like regular tests where you memorize facts. These exams are designed not only to test knowledge and memory, but also critical thinking and reasoning skills. Some exams like the SAT are known for confusing questions that you might not know how to solve without preparation. Standardized test prep tutoring will prepare you for the exam and even help you practice managing your time.

Before an Essay is Due

A tutor can help you with essay writing at any stage. From forming a strong thesis statement to integrating supporting evidence and constructing paragraphs, a tutor will help you ace your essay and improve your writing skills.

If You Struggle With Staying Organized

Effective organization and study skills are essential for academic success and beyond. A tutor can provide time management guidance, note-taking strategies, and effective study habits. All tutors and academic coaches at Hodis Learning & Music can help you develop your organization and study skills in any subject.

While Working on a Project

A tutor can play a crucial role in helping you with a school project by providing guidance, support, and resources throughout the project stages. A tutor will help with research, provide meaningful feedback, and even help you practice your presentation skills



Hiring a tutor under any circumstance can be an important and necessary step to ensure your student feels confident in class and understands concepts. School and learning can feel overwhelming, but having the right tutor can make even the most intimidating or confusing subject material more approachable.

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