4 Reasons You Should Give the Gift of Music Lessons This Holiday Season


4 Reasons You Should Give the Gift of Music Lessons This Holiday Season


The holiday season is here, and parents are scrambling to find the right gifts for their children. If your child loves music, then music lessons are the perfect present. Music lessons will help your child build lifelong skills and lasting memories. Below are just four of many reasons you should give the gift of music lessons this holiday season.

1. Enhance Your Child’s Brain Development

Research shows that playing an instrument increases connectivity between different areas of the brain, resulting in better verbal memory, stronger reading ability, and stronger executive functioning skills. Adults who received music lessons as kids were even shown to have higher IQs, on average, compared to those who never played an instrument.

2. Engage in a New Hobby (That Isn’t Video Games)

Cultivating new hobbies is extremely important for your child’s development. With music lessons under their belt, your child will have access to choirs, bands, and even music-related clubs at school where they can meet and make new friends. And playing an instrument or singing requires your child to be unplugged from their video games!

3. Music Lessons & Playing an Instrument Are Fun

There’s something so uniquely exciting about playing your favorite song on the piano or being able to rock out with a friend. With the help of expert music lessons, your child is sure to experience the joy in music.

4. Promote Time-Management, Discipline, and Commitment with Music Lessons

Music lessons require students to practice outside of sessions, which demands a certain degree of time-management skills as well as discipline and commitment.

Learning how to sing or play an instrument with expert music teachers at Hodis Learning & Music will set your child up for a lifetime of jamming with friends, discipline and commitment, and better cognitive functioning. Call us at 626-227-1149 or submit a message on our website to get more information and start lessons today.