Why HLM Art Instruction Might Be Right for You


Why HLM Art Instruction Might Be Right for You. Read more now! Image of an artist holding a palette and paintbrush with a smile on her face.


You don’t want to invest a lot of money in lessons yet

Perhaps you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money or get locked into a semester-long class. Our art instruction is offered at some of the lowest market rates, but that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality instruction. Hodis Learning & Music (HLM) art instructors are professionals with years of experience, and have degrees in their field. Additionally, instructors meet with you one-on-one and can teach in your home, so lessons are comfortable and not intimidating. 

You have a child who likes art and you want them to have more instruction

Maybe your child is getting bored with coloring books, or perhaps they were gifted a new camera and want to start taking photos. If this sounds familiar, HLM art instruction might be a great way to get your child creating and learning in a more focused, educational way. We have instructors for a variety of mediums and age-levels, and lessons are designed specifically for your child’s age and skill level. Plus, any new art materials you buy for your child are certain to get used on a regular basis with their HLM instructor!

You don’t have art lessons in school

Perhaps your student doesn’t have art lessons in school, or they aren’t able to fit it into their schedule. Art instruction with HLM can provide your student the opportunity to hone their skills, or learn brand new ones, outside of the classroom. With HLM, you get to set your own schedule. While we do bill on a month-to-month basis, you can determine how many lessons you want in that month, so sessions fit into your schedule.

Or, the lessons in school aren’t enough

Maybe your student needs extra attention outside of school art classes so they can develop their skills and technique. Whether you are simply looking for that extra instruction, or your student is considering applying to selective art schools, HLM instructors can help your student excel at the next level. With many instructors having gone through the rigorous application process themselves, they know what goes into an application and portfolio for art school

Take 1-on-1 Art Lessons With an Expert Art Instructor

To learn more about our art instructors and what they teach, visit our website at hodislearning.com or call (626) 227-1149 to schedule your first session today!