Navigating Group Projects: Part 2


Navigating Group Projects. Image of children working together on a school project. Image contains blue and orange, the latter of which is the main color of Hodis Learning & Music's brand.


Last week we shared our first four tips for navigating group projects. Today, we have four more final tips and tricks to help you succeed!

Tip 4: Determine What Group Meetings Will Be Used For

Is that the time when members can work on their assigned portion of the project? Or should members have their assignments completed prior to the meeting so things can be put together and you can move on to the next phase of the project?

Tip 5: Take Meeting Notes & Distribute Them To All Members

You can assign the role of note taking to the group leader or to another member. The notes don’t have to be extremely detailed, but make sure they include important information like which members were in attendance, when the next meeting will be, who is assigned to what, deadlines, and any other relevant information. Make sure whoever takes the notes sends them to everyone after the meeting. Notes can also be used to hold group members accountable.

Tip 6: Communication is Key

Regular and respectful communication is incredibly important while working in a group project. Make sure you understand what you are assigned to work on and when those portions are due. If you are uncertain about something ask a group member for help or advice. That is the benefit of these unique circumstances- you are supposed to ask your classmates for help!

Tip 7: Play to Everyone’s Strengths, When Possible

If you are a strong writer, perhaps you take on the responsibility of putting together the final report for the project and make sure all sections are cohesive. If you love putting together PowerPoints, maybe you volunteer to oversee the creation of one for your group presentation. While it might not always be possible to do work that plays to your strengths in a group project, if you find opportunities, certainly take advantage of those.

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