Educator Spotlight: Tim F.

New Blog post! Educator Spotlight on Hodis Learning & Music music teacher, Tim F.

What subject areas do you teach?

  • Music Lessons: upright/electric bass, guitar, piano, and ukulele
  • Academic Tutoring: music theory
  • Career Preparation: music school audition and application preparation

Where did you receive your education?

  • Oberlin Conservatory of Music, B.M. in Jazz Bass Studies
  • USC Thornton School of Music, M.M. in Jazz Bass Studies

What’s the most rewarding part of being a music teacher?

For me the most rewarding part of being an educator is seeing students excel on their instruments and have fun while doing it. Usually students make the most progress when they are having fun and are inspired. I make it a point to facilitate this kind of environment when teaching.

What are the most common areas you see your students struggling in? How do you help them in those areas?

I see students struggle the most with rhythm. To help this, I encourage students to count and clap rhythms at the same time. Doing this away from the instrument can help solidify what the rhythms should sound like in their ears and mind. I also like to help by counting along or using a metronome at a slow pace while students play. This helps them play the easy and challenging parts of the piece at the same pace. Once students develop this foundation, they can start to play the whole piece without stopping.

What do you enjoy doing outside of teaching students? 

Outside of teaching I enjoy playing bass professionally in many different contexts. I also enjoy running. Last year I worked up to running a half marathon.

What do you think makes Hodis Learning & Music a great service and company to work for?

Hodis Learning & Music is a great company to work for because Drew is a kind and compassionate owner and he is continually improving upon the already great opportunities for students and educators. Being from South Pasadena, he also has a lot of professional and personal connections in the community.

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