3 Tips to Keep Your Student Reading Over the Summer

3 Tips to Keep Your Student Reading Over the Summer. A new blog post on Hodis Learning & Music, an educational connections company that provides academic tutoring, music lessons, and art lessons.

Reading is important for developing literacy, improving vocabulary, building social-emotional skills, and learning about the world and others.

Without school, it can be easy for students to avoid reading for three months, especially if it’s something they already struggle with and don’t like doing. However, it’s important that they continue reading to build their skills and ensure they don’t fall behind in the next school year. Below are 3 ways you can keep your student reading over the summer!

1. Join a Summer Reading Challenge

A reading challenge can be a great way to incentivize students to read during the summer months. Check with your school or local library to see if they have a challenge and how to join. Rules and prizes may vary, but the general idea is that participants keep track of how many books they read, or how many minutes per day they spend reading. You might even be able to create your own reading challenge at home to inspire your student. Use competitive spirit to keep your student reading throughout the summer!

2. Read With Your Student

This strategy might work particularly well for students who are still learning how to read or struggle with reading on their own. Encourage your student to pick the book you’ll read together. They might become more engaged once they have a say in the book they’re reading, rather than reading one assigned by a teacher. You and your student can alternate between reading each page or different paragraphs, depending on the book.

3. Have Your Student Find Books They Like

Take your student to a bookstore or sign them up for a library card and let them explore! As mentioned in suggestion 2, students might find reading more enjoyable when they have a say in the books they are reading. Your student might find they love fantasy series or graphic novels– books they don’t normally get to read for school. While it is important to make sure your student is reading at their grade level, allowing them to read books they choose and are excited about can help them build confidence and learn to enjoy reading. This will ultimately help them improve their reading skills in the long-run.

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