How Parents Can Help Ensure Successful Sessions


How parents can help ensure successful tutoring sessions.

While not all our students are K-12, a lot are, which means parents are involved in their student’s education. We understand that you are making an investment when you book a tutor with Hodis Learning & Music, which is why we want to offer some tips for how you can help us have productive tutoring sessions. These productive sessions will ultimately lead to your student’s success in the classroom and beyond!

Help Us Create a Quiet, Focused Learning Environment

HLM tutors and educators can meet wherever is best for you and your student. Sometimes that’s in your home and sometimes that’s a public location like a coffee shop or library. When choosing the location of your sessions, think of where would be the best for your student. While it’s convenient to have an educator come to your home, make sure there is a quiet space with limited distractions for us to work. Perhaps a busy kitchen where siblings and parents are coming in and out isn’t the best location. Instead, have us work in an office, or a different room and make sure TVs, phones, tablets, and toys are put away or turned off. If we as educators notice in-home sessions aren’t productive, we might suggest moving sessions to a library where students can focus.

Share Information and Expectations with Us Before And Throughout Tutoring

As educators, we appreciate hearing how a student is performing in school and outside of sessions. The more information we have, the better we can focus our lessons to ensure students are getting the most out of our time together. If you received feedback from a teacher, let us know. If a student performed poorly on a test, we want to know about that and what concepts the student didn’t understand. While we as educators try to empower students to be responsible for their work and education, sometimes they don’t always tell us about homework, tests, or areas they need help with– they themselves might not even know because it feels overwhelming. As a parent, you have insight into how your student is feeling and performing.

Be Mindful of Reasonable Expectations Of Tutoring

Along the lines of tip #2, we want to gently remind parents to maintain reasonable expectations. If you want your student to score well on an exam, but you tell us about the exam the day before, there is only so much we as educators can do in one session. If exam scores are important to you and your student, let us know in advance. Even if you tell us weeks before the test, we will write down the date and plan our sessions accordingly! If you communicate an expectation to us, we want to support you, which might mean sharing our expert opinion on how that goal can be achieved reasonably.


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