Homeschool Services by Hodis Learning & Music

Homeschool Services by Hodis Learning & Music

Hodis Learning & Music is excited to now offer homeschool services to students K-12. Learn more about what is included with homeschooling and discover if it might be the right choice for you and your student.

An Overview

Homeschooling can be conducted in one-on-one or small group settings. Students will receive instruction from expert educators who have studied their subject material at the university level, and have years of experience teaching students of all abilities, including both neurodiverse and neurotypical students. All common core school subjects are offered as well as art lessons and music lessons.

After signing up for classes, you’ll receive a customized curriculum for each subject based on your student’s goals, learning style, and how often you want lessons. Students will receive regular academic advising sessions to assess their progress and help them work toward their goals. Parents or guardians will receive regular progress reports to inform them how their student is performing.

Common Reasons Families Choose Homeschooling

  • An outstanding event has made attending a traditional school challenging
  • A student wants to pursue activities and interests outside of school and needs a more flexible education
  • Families are seeking an education that is different than what’s provided at a traditional school, such as:
    • Individualized attention and pacing
    • Customized lesson plans
    • Non-traditional assessments that prioritize learning over testing
    • Flexible scheduling and virtual instruction
    • Teachers who can work with neurodiverse students

It’s important to evaluate your student’s needs and goals. Our academic advisors are also happy to discuss our homeschooling program with you and help you determine if our program is the right fit for you and your student.


Tuition and Term Duration

For more information about homeschool rates, visit the homeschool tuition page on our website. Term durations are also listed, but keep in mind that Hodis Learning & Music offers flexible pacing depending on how frequently you’d like to meet and how your student progresses through the material.


Homeschooling with Hodis Learning & Music offers a nurturing, tailored, and comprehensive educational experience that empowers your child to reach their full potential. To learn more about homeschooling call or email us today!