Hodis Learning & Music Standardized Test Prep Tutoring Workshop


standardized test prep tutoring workshop.


Standardized Test Prep Workshop Overview

If you plan to take the GRE, SAT, ACT, ISEE, or SSAT for college or high school admissions, you’ll benefit from this educational and helpful summer workshop! With our standardized test prep tutoring, you will receive tailored instruction to boost your scores.


Set Yourself Apart From Other Applicants

While standardized tests might not be a requirement for every school you apply to, good scores could be what differentiate you from other equally qualified applicants who share the same GPA and participate in similar extracurriculars.


Flexible Summer Test Prep Tutoring

As mentioned, the Hodis Learning & Music Standardized Test Prep Workshop takes place over the summer. You even get to set your own schedule and complete the workshop at a pace that works best for you! However, we do have a recommended number of sessions we advise students to sign up for. Test preparation is not something you can get in a single lesson, and the best way to improve in an area is through consistent work and practice.

Once you’ve signed up for the workshop and set your schedule, you’ll meet regularly with a professional tutor for one-on-one sessions. Depending on what areas you need the most help with, you’ll be assigned one to two expert tutors who will guide you through each specific portion of the exam. You’ll go over sample questions, learn how to identify patterns in test questions, and how to maximize your time so you feel confident in the exam room.


Plan Ahead – Book Your Test Prep Tutoring Workshop For This Summer!

Sure, summer seems like it’s far away, but we all know how quickly and easily schedules can book up. Reserve your spot in this workshop now and you’ll even save $40 on the listed price! This exclusive offer ends February 14. If you want more information, read about our workshop here. Contact us today at (626) 227-1149 or visit hodislearning.com/contact to reserve your seat in our Standardized Test Prep Workshop today!


Hoping to Enroll in Test Prep Tutoring This Spring?

No problem; we can help! Our test prep tutors can help your student this Spring. Just give us a call. If you’re hoping to take the SAT specifically, get more information in this article.