End of Term Checklist for Students


New Blog Post: End of Term Checklist. Final tips for the term, study advice, and how tutors can help


Congratulations, students! You’ve almost made it through another school year, and a year that hopefully felt more exciting, comfortable, and, well, normal than the previous two school years.

With the end of term approaching, so too are final exams and projects. Here’s a quick checklist for you to follow before you end the year.

1. Check your Grades

This is to ensure that you won’t be surprised when final grades come in. This is also a great opportunity to see if you can make up any work or see what you might need to do on your final assignments to get the best grade possible.

2. Talk to Your Teachers

If you’re behind in a class, missing assignments, or just want to make sure you’re prepared for your final exam or assignment, check in with your teacher. Talking to them now will allow you adequate time to catch up on assignments and prepare without needing to rush. Your teacher will also appreciate hearing from you earlier rather than right before or after the final assignment. Read our guide on talking to your teacher.

3. Create a Timeline

Create timelines to help you approach studying or complete those last assignments for the term. Breaking down your studying will help you retain information better and won’t feel as overwhelming. This same method will help if you’re trying to complete a final project or paper. Trust me, spending just 30 minutes writing every day to finish an essay will be much better than trying to write the whole thing right before the deadline!

4. Book a Tutor

Tutoring sessions will be much more effective and helpful if you have a few weeks to work with a tutor rather than just the day before. Plus, tutors aren’t just for studying or academic classes– book someone to help you write or edit your final research paper, or find an educator who can help you prepare for a year-end musical performance!

5. Plan for Summer

If you truly feel like you might have fallen behind in a class this year, it’s not a bad idea to think about scheduling tailored sessions to help you catch up before next year. You can also schedule summer activities that aren’t academic! Consider music lessons or art instruction, or even a portfolio workshop if you’re looking to take your art skills to the next level.

We wish you the best of luck as you approach the end of another school year!.