Educator Spotlight: Vaso K.


Vaso K Educator Spotlight


What subjects do you teach?

  • Music: Accordion, Piano, Trumpet, Composition, and Music Theory.

What’s the most rewarding part of being an educator?

I think it’s seeing the progress that my students can make, going from not having any skills to being quite good. And the confidence I see them gain is really rewarding.

What are the most common areas you see your students struggling in?

I think it’s establishing a practice routine outside of lessons. Many students struggle with this, either because they’re intimidated by practicing by themselves, or they don’t know how to make time for it. When it comes to instruments, early on it can be discouraging if you think you sound bad, and that can reinforce not practicing. But you just have to remember that you’re learning!

How do you help them improve in those areas?

I try to provide structured approaches to practice to make it less of a mystery and a “repeat until it’s perfect” activity and more of a learning and experimental one. I give the students a thought process, and questions to ask themselves while practicing, along with specific goals to achieve.

What do you enjoy doing outside of teaching students?

I enjoy going on walks in parks, jiu-jitsu, rock climbing, and cooking.

What do you think makes Hodis Learning & Music a great service and company to work for?

So far, it’s been the diversity of students, especially my accordion students!


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