Choosing the Right Instrument for Your Child: A Guide to Finding Their Perfect Fit

Choosing the Right Instrument for Your Child

Choosing the right instrument for your child is an important decision that can impact their musical education. Use the tips below to make the right choice for both you and your child:

Consider What They Like

Ask your child about what instruments they want to learn to play. Their enthusiasm and passion for a particular instrument will significantly determine their motivation when it comes to practicing.

Consider Their Physical Abilities

Your child’s size, dexterity, and strength can determine the most appropriate instrument for them to start with. Some instruments might require more physical coordination or strength than others, so keep that in mind when choosing an instrument. For example, an older and taller child might be better suited to learning the upright bass than a young, small child.

Think About Their Musical Interests

If your child has a favorite music genre or specific instrument they like to listen to, that can help you determine what they might want to learn. If they love the sound of a guitar, they might be more inclined to learn that over another instrument.

Keep the Learning Curve in Mind

Instruments have different levels of difficulty and learning curves. For beginners, we usually recommend starting with instruments such as the piano or ukulele, which are easier to learn. These instruments can help your child learn important musical concepts and music theory.

Determine Your Budget

Consider your budget when choosing an instrument. Some instruments can be expensive, or may require additional costs for maintenance and accessories. Do your research and decide on the financial commitment you feel comfortable with. Voice lessons are a great, low-cost musical option because they don’t require students to purchase an instrument.

Discuss Long-Term Goals

Talk with your child about their long-term musical goals. If they have a strong desire to play in a specific type of ensemble or band, it may influence the instrument they choose. For example, if they want to be part of a marching band, learning a brass instrument like trumpet might be a suitable choice. Or perhaps they dream about joining a rock band, and drums might be a good fit for them.

Talk With an Expert

Our team at Hodis Learning & Music can assess your child’s abilities and provide guidance on which instrument would be suitable for them. We have the expertise to evaluate your child’s potential and recommend instruments that align with their skills and interests.


The most important thing when your child is starting their musical journey is to encourage and support them. Regardless of the instrument they choose, offer them resources, practice time, and opportunities for growth.

Music lessons with Hodis Learning & Music’s expert music educators are a great way to help your child develop their musical skills and practice regularly. Learn more or schedule your first session by calling or emailing us today.