Hodis Learning & Music Celebrates 3 Years in Business!
Message from the President

Hodis Learning & Music celebrates 3 years in business!

This week, Hodis Learning & Music is celebrating three years of business! I am so proud of how much our team has accomplished since our second anniversary.

Upholding a Tradition of Excellent Service and Giving Back

Three years ago, my team and I developed Hodis Learning & Music upon a philosophy of kindness and expertise. Every decision that our company has made has stemmed from and further promoted this philosophy. Our tradition of excellent service is strong and spreading throughout the Pasadena area. Check out how far we’ve come since our first business anniversary!

We have continued our philanthropic endeavors. We believe strongly in giving back to the educational systems that our students go through to enrich their education. As such, we have continued to give 20% of our profits to SPEF and PEF.

Three New Programs

  • After two years of researching, developing, testing, and piloting, we officially opened our academic coaching program to the public in August of 2023.
  • Similarly, with a combined SAT tutoring experience of 30+ years, our team introduced a comprehensive and fully customized SAT Tutoring program.
  • Finally, in collaboration with homeschool experts, our team launched a cutting-edge K-12 homeschool education program that customizes at-home courses to students’ specific learning needs and preferences.

Consistent with our mission of making quality education accessible, we continued to optimize our business to keep our rates accessible for our services so that all students can enjoy exceptional educational services.

Our Expert Educators

Our expert tutors, music teachers, and art instructors are the backbone of our company. Our team of exceptional educators have helped give us a reputation of excellence and reliability in the community, and we are indebted to all of their hard work. Further, our team has grown substantially over the past year, helping to expand the number of subjects offered so we can serve more students in their academic, musical, artistic, and homeschool endeavors.

Trusted Collaborators

We are grateful for our trusted collaborators. Namely, we thank Nexusplex Business Production Agency and The South Pasadenan News for their help in building and advertising our company. Additionally, we are grateful for the partnership of SPEF and PEF, who have helped us to make a bigger impact on our community. Finally, we are grateful for the partnership of local school districts and organizations who have given us the opportunity to serve students in need.

Thank YOU!

Hodis Learning & Music would not be where it is today without our loyal clients and dedicated community of supporters. We are grateful for your business throughout the past three years. My staff and I look forward to continuing to serve you and our beautiful community in the coming years.