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Admission to prestigious four-year universities takes more than just good grades and impressive extracurriculars – students also need exceptional test scores. While schools are slowly waiving the standardized test requirement, most university admissions offices still emphasize the importance of test scores in their selection process. With our GRE test prep tutoring, students master test content, identify and understand test patterns, and feel more confident in their test-taking abilities.

At Hodis Learning & Music, we go beyond traditional study methods. Our tutors employ proven strategies and techniques to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills needed for the GRE. By enrolling in GRE test prep tutoring with us, students gain access to a supportive learning environment where they can ask questions, receive constructive feedback, and track their progress. Our tutors are committed to helping students improve their scores and achieve their academic goals.

Don’t leave your GRE success to chance. Join Hodis Learning & Music’s GRE test prep tutoring program and unlock your potential for higher scores and greater college opportunities. Sign up today and pave the way for a brighter future.

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The Hodis Learning & Music Advantage

student in an GRE test prep tutoring session with his GRE test prep tutor.

Customized GRE Test Prep

The one-on-one format of tutoring sessions allows students of all ages and skill levels to enjoy tailored GRE test prep tutoring.

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Expert GRE TESt Prep tutors

Hodis Learning & Music tutors are experts who studied math and English at the university-level and have years of GRE test prep tutoring experience.

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Test Prep tutors come to you

Students can meet their tutors in the comfort of their home or at the public library. We provide in-person tutoring in South Pasadena, Pasadena, and San Marino. Students across the country may receive tutoring via Zoom.

student in an GRE tutoring session with her GRE test prep tutor.

Competitive Rates

Receive expert tutoring without breaking the bank. Book weekly sessions for as little as $440/month.

GRE Test Prep Tutors

Hodis Learning & Music GRE test prep tutor, Amber H.

Amber H.

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Muan M.

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