Nationwide Rates of Reading Proficiency Are Low

Due to distanced learning and COVID-19 related stressors, reading scores are down across the nation. Educational research shows that 33% of fourth graders scored at or above a proficient level of reading in 2022. That statistic is 31% for eight graders (National Center or Education Statistics or NCES). In 2019, that statistic was 37% for twelfth graders, and may be lower today (NCES).

Strong reading skills are crucial for success in school. Every school subject requires the use of written language. Moreover, subjects in the humanities heavily rely on reading and writing. If your student is falling behind, it may be time to consider hiring a tutor.

Humanities Tutoring Can Help

Expert tutors at Hodis Learning & Music tailor sessions to your students’ needs to boost critical thinking skills while bolstering writing and reading abilities. Tutoring at Hodis Learning also involves developing study, time-management, and organizational skills, which will give your students strong “student skills” to learn and succeed in their academics.

The Hodis Learning Advantage

student in a tutoring session with his tutor.

Customized humanities tutoring

The one-on-one format of tutoring sessions allows students of all ages and skill levels to enjoy tailored instruction. From early childhood literacy to college-level literature and writing courses, we have the write tutors for you.

student in a tutoring session with her tutor.

humanities tutors

Hodis Learning & Music humanities tutors are experts who studied their area at the university-level and have years of tutoring experience.

student in an academic tutoring session with his tutor.

Our tutors come to you

Students can meet their tutors in the comfort of their home or at the public library. We provide in-person tutoring in South Pasadena, Pasadena, and San Marino. Students across the country may receive tutoring via Zoom.

student in a tutoring session with her tutor.

Competitive Rates

Receive expert tutoring without breaking the bank. Book weekly sessions for as little as $180/month.

Humanities Subjects

English Language Arts
Writing Skills
Reading Comprehension
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Early Childhood Literacy

Our Tutors

Photo of humanities tutor, Drew M. Hodis, the leader of all humanities tutors at Hodis Learning & Music

Drew M. Hodis

Academic Tutoring: English and Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills. ESL. Executive Functioning and Study Skills. Middle School All Subjects. High School Spanish. College-Level Psychology

Music Lessons: Piano.

Hodis Learning & Music humanities tutor, Josh W.

Josh W.

Academic Tutoring: English/ELA. Spanish.

Music Lessons: Guitar

Kara B. is an expert academic tutor at Hodis Learning & Music

Kara B.

Academic Tutoring: English Language Arts, ESL. History. Spanish. Elementary and Middle School Math and Science. Biology, Geology, Anatomy/Physiology, AP Environmental Science.

Hodis Learning & Music English & History tutor, Michelle B.

Michelle B.

Academic Tutoring: History, English/ELA

Hodis Learning & Music Spanish tutor, Yan S.

Yan S.

Academic Tutoring: Spanish, English/Writing

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